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Seishin Mizu Ryu comprises of 4 distinct areas which all trace lineage back to feudal Japan. An empty hand art (Ju Jutsu/ Aiki Ju Jutsu) A staff art, Bo Jutsu A blade art, Ken Jutsu A flexible weapon art, Kusari Jutsu All are bound together by a series of principles which both encompass and penetrate the whole martial art. The foremost of these is the correct use of body movement, making it a highly effective form of self defence for both men and women of any size or strength.

Kashin Kai Grading

12/03/2011 12:00
12/03/2011 15:00

Grading for all potential Green, Purple and Blue belts. Speak to your instructor to book your place. The grading will be at the Exeter Hombu Dojo

SMRTJ First Aid Course


Kashin Kai Seminar


Kashin Kai course for all Green and above at Southampton University Dojo

SMR Annual Seminar and Ball

21/02/2015 10:00

The highlight of the spring Jiu Jitsu Calendar is the Seminar and Ball. Date Sat 22rd February 2014

Training Venue
University of Leicester, Charles Wilson Building, University Road, Leicester, LE1 7RH
Ball Venue
Holiday Inn Hotel - City Centre, 129 St Nicholas Circle, Leicester, LE1 5LX

SMRTJ Nationals


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Senior Training

18/04/2010 11:00
18/04/2010 17:00

Special bi-annual seminar for club instructors only with chief instructor Dr Catterick, please book early to confirm your place.

(Speak to your instructor to book your place)

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